Low Price Guarantee​

Introducing Our Low Price Guarantee!

Spot a competitor offering a lower price? WE WILL BEAT IT BY 5%!

At BESTBEDS & Furniture, we’re excited to roll out our Low Price Guarantee, promising you unbeatable value on Beds and Furniture. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown:

Our Price Guarantee:

We understand in Beds and Furniture the products may not be exactly the same so if you stumble upon a lower price on an identical product (eg: NZ made bed be compared to another NZ made bed) we promise to beat it by 5%.


How to Use Our Guarantee:

Spot a competitor offering a lower price? Simply bring proof of the lower price to our BESTBEDS & Furniture store or fill out our online form.

Stock Availability:

Our BESTBEDS & Furniture store must have the product in stock for the Price Guarantee to apply. If you submit a claim online, we’ll verify stock availability and proximity for collection or delivery.

Online Purchases:

Yes, you can utilize our Price Guarantee for purchases made on our website. Submit your claim through our online form, and if approved, we’ll provide you with a special promo code for use within 24 to 48 hours.

Competitor’s In-Store Price:

If our in-store price happens to be lower than our advertised price, rest assured, that’s the price we’ll use for the Price Guarantee.

Availability Criteria:

Competitor’s product must be available (instock) for delivery or collection.

Product Specifications:

To qualify for the Price Guarantee, the product must be similar to our satisfaction in regards to the make, quality and be brand new in its original packaging.


  1. On-account Purchases: This refers to purchases made on credit or cash accounts, which are not eligible for our Price Guarantee. We focus on providing fair pricing for immediate transactions.
  2. Special Quotes: Special quotes are customized pricing offered by competitors, often for bulk purchases or specific customer segments. These quotes may include discounted or preferential pricing not applicable to our Price Guarantee.
  3. Stock Liquidations: Stock liquidations occur when competitors sell off products at heavily discounted prices to clear inventory, usually due to business closure or discontinuation of specific product lines. As these are exceptional circumstances, such sales are not covered under our Price Guarantee.
  4. Commercial Quantities: Our Price Guarantee is designed for individual household purchases. Commercial quantities, which exceed the typical needs of a single household, are excluded from the guarantee. This ensures fair pricing for all customers and prevents abuse of the guarantee system.
  5. Online Only Retailers: Any business which has not got a physical store is excluded from our Price Guarantee.
  6. Typographical Errors: Price Guarantee does not include typographical errors.
  7. Additional Offers: Price Promise cannot be used in conjunction with any additional BESTBEDS & Furniture or competitor product offers such as bonus product or promotional finance offers.
  8. Rights to Verify: BESTBEDS & Furniture Store reserves the right to verify the evidence of the identical product sold at a lower price.

By outlining these exclusions, we aim to provide transparency and clarity regarding the terms and conditions of our Low Price Guarantee. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team on customercare.bestbeds@gmail.com.

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