It is important to choose the right bed size. Many factors should be considered, such as how much space you prefer, or if you sleep with a partner. One person should sleep in a single or double bed, while couples should sleep in at least a queen or king size bed. We’re here to help you decide which bed size is right for you.

Explore our handy visual refrence showcasing the various mattress guide & bed sizes available, making it easier than ever to envision the perfect dimensions for you dream worthy bed. The height of the mattress varies from one model to another. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Bed Sizes Guide & Mattress Guide


The response of a mattress to your body’s contours varies based on factors such as weight, size, and sleeping position, as detailed in our Feel Mattress Guide below. Please note that the perception of FEEL is subjective, and may vary according to individual perspectives. Each body is unique and reacts differently to different foams and feels.

mattress-guide 3

Extra Firm

Ideal for back and stomach sleepers who require extra attention to their natural spine alignment.

mattress-guide 5


Ideal for heavier people who sleep on their back and need a little bit of cushioning for added comfort.

mattress-guide 4


Ideal for back,side or stomach sleepers, a perfect balance of comfort and support.

mattress-guide 3


Ideal for side and some back sleepers, contours to body curves for that plush feel.

mattress-guide 2


Extra layer of padding or cushioning, usually made of different types of foams, latex or fiberfill.



Electronically adjustable bed base which comes with a range of features like massage, zero gravity and more.

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